Aerial view of Kailua

Our Vision

Seize the opportunity created by our assets, people and relationships to make Hawaii better. Create special places and experiences, and keep A&B at the forefront of Hawaii’s business community for another 150 years by acting with an abiding respect for the state’s communities, people, cultures and environment.

Our Mission

Utilize our extensive resources, long history and deep relationships to improve Hawaii’s communities, creating value for all stakeholders. Embrace innovation to transform our organization and make it more effective in an ever-changing business environment that presents new challenges and opportunities.

  • Develop & manage real estate that enriches the daily lives of Hawaii’s citizens
  • Enhance our islands through an array of operations ranging from diversified farming to paving and related businesses 
  • Support our employees in the pursuit of their personal and professional goals
  • Support community organizations in their efforts to make Hawaii a better place
  • Seek out the best partners to complement our capabilities in pursuit of our Vision
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A&B community giving

Our Values


Do everything we do with respect for others and an unwavering commitment to preserving and enhancing the caring legacy of our founders. 


Seek to find new and better approaches; be willing to question and abandon past practices when they have become ineffective.


Recognize that the best solutions and implementation come when people share information and ideas and work together.


Leverage that collaboration into clear and timely decision-making and communicate those decisions to the organization.


We will be most successful if our leaders and our employees are held accountable and are recognized for results.