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A&B Properties, Inc. is a diversified real estate company engaged in land stewardship, planning, entitlement, real estate development and investment, and leasing commercial properties.


A&B Properties’ Leasing segment owns, operates and manages commercial properties in Hawaii and on the U.S. Mainland. We focus on the acquisition of high-quality retail, office and industrial properties seeking to increase margins over time by improved occupancy levels, rent growth and cost control. We regularly sell selected properties from our portfolio when we believe that value of that asset has been maximized and the full fair market value can be realized.

The portfolio, which began in 1989 with the reinvestment from proceeds of landholdings in Wailea, Maui, grew to be a highly diversified collection of income properties offering a balanced mix of tenants, geographies and asset classes. Over the last few years, we have migrated much of the Mainland portfolio to Hawaii, where we believe we can create greater value for our shareholders over the long run, and now derive the majority of portfolio net operating income from retail properties in the state. A&B is the state’s second largest owner of retail commercial properties and the largest owner of grocery-anchored neighborhood centers. In addition to the commercial property portfolio, we generate revenue and earnings from a variety of land leases, licenses and other agreements related to real estate in Hawaii.

Sales & Development

A&B Properties actively manages a comprehensive program of land stewardship, planning, entitlement and development. We identify and pursue developments that enhance value from our raw land holdings, as well as acquired parcels. We also make investments in real estate and other real estate related ventures and financial instruments.


Alexander & Baldwin owns over 88,000 acres throughout Hawaii, with large concentrations on the islands of Maui and Kauai. The majority of these holdings was acquired over 100 years ago to support the cultivation of sugar cane. Today, these lands support continuing agribusiness operations.

In addition to our agricultural operations, we own considerable watershed or conservation lands. We are continually seeking ways to maximize the value and utility of our considerable land holdings, consistent with prudent land stewardship and agronomic best practices.

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