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A&B is committed to the ethical management of our Company, instilling a culture of integrity throughout our businesses. Good corporate governance and transparency is vital to our Company, our shareholders and to the communities in which we operate, and is integral to delivering long-term shareholder value. Learn more about our Board of Directors.

Committee Composition

Audit Committee

Douglas M. Pasquale, Chairperson
Eric K. Yeaman
Robert S. Harrison

Compensation Committee

Charles G. King, Chairperson
W.A. Doane
Michele K. Saito

Nominating And Corporate Governance Committee

Jeffrey N. Watanabe., ChairpersonĀ (Lead Independent Director)
Charles G. King
Douglas M. Pasquale

Communications With Directors

Shareholders and interested parties may contact any member (or all members) of the Board by mail. To communicate with the Board of Directors, correspondence should be addressed to the Board of Directors or any one or more individual directors or group or committee of directors by either name or title.

All such correspondence should be sent “c/o A&B Law Department” at A&B’s headquarters at 822 Bishop Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.