Diversified Agriculture

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Our roots are in agriculture and we are working with farmers and ranchers to transition 36,000 acres of former sugarcane land in Central Maui to a diverse patchwork of farms and pastures. We are furthering energy crops, food and orchard crops, and grass-finished livestock operations, as well as working with the County of Maui to establish an agricultural park, to provide additional lands for small-plot farmers on Maui.

Recent diversified agriculture activities include:

  • A 4,000-acre expansion of pastures space for grass-fed beef ranching, a collaborative effort with Maui Cattle Company that will allow Maui ranchers keep more beef in Hawaii to serve local markets.
  • A 500-acre project including corn, sorghum, and soybeans to grow feedstock to be used at the Maui County Wailuku-Kahului wastewater treatment plant.
  • A 100-acre trial by Terviva to study the viability of growing pongamia as an energy crop. Pongamia, a tree that grows high yield oilseeds, could become an important source of biofuels to support the state’s renewable energy goals. The project may expand up to 2,000 acres.

We are committed to being good stewards of these lands and working with the county, state, and other partners in the community make diversified agriculture on Maui a success.