On June 21, 2018, Alexander & Baldwin staff were invited to attend Maui United Way’s Annual Meeting and Recognition Luncheon. A&B is a devoted partner to all United Way chapters statewide, but this year marks a major milestone with Maui United Way. We have supported Maui United Way for 50 years and have contributed a total of nearly $4 million!

Maui United Way partners with over thirty different nonprofit organizations on Maui to touch the most vital needs within the community. A&B contributes $100,000 every year to Maui United Way, which represents roughly 10 percent of our entire annual giving budget. We believe, however, that this is the best way to channel resources to the Maui community members who need it the most. Every day, Maui United Way makes a difference in the lives of our friends, families and neighbors on Maui by focusing on the community’s most vital needs – education, financial stability, and good health.

At the Recognition Luncheon, Maui United Way honored Alexander & Baldwin with their first-ever Cornerstone Award. A&B’s 50-year partnership with them is the longest of any organization, and we have made the greatest contribution to date.

Kari Nunokawa, Maui United Way President & CPO, said, “Without Alexander & Baldwin’s constant and unwavering backing, Maui County would be at a loss. Maui United Way is so grateful to Alexander & Baldwin for their generosity and support of Maui’s people and the entire community. Each year this corporation and their employees show their extreme generosity and concern for our community with their employee campaigns. They are a true cornerstone in our community, leading with an outstanding employee campaign and an unparalleled corporate gift. With their overwhelmingly generous corporate gift of $100,000, Alexander & Baldwin is living proof of how to Live United with Aloha!”