The architectural expression of a triumph of human courage, ingenuity, energy and faith over obstacles, seen and unseen, which beset the pioneers of industrial Hawaii.” – Honolulu Star-Bulletin, September 30, 1929.

Ninety years ago, the Alexander & Baldwin Building celebrated its grand opening. Today, our headquarters serves as an enduring reflection of quintessentially Hawaiian architecture designed by Will Dickey and his associate, Hart Wood. Come take a look at the building’s exterior: a study of diversity in architectural design, with beautifully preserved tile murals depicting Hawaiian coral reefs and grand portico columns featuring Chinese ornamentation and tropical fruit motifs. Inside, the building has evolved over time to meet the needs of our growing company and is now a bustling environment for over 100 employees, with energy-efficient fixtures that have earned it an Energy Star designation from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The A&B Building is also listed on the Hawaii and National Register of Historic Places. We’re incredibly lucky to celebrate 90 years in this remarkable building, with its rich heritage and iconic presence in downtown Honolulu.

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