Over the past decade, Kupu has inspired and empowered more than 3,500 youth by providing them hands-on learning opportunities in conservation and the green jobs sector throughout the state and the Pacific. In furthering its mission to teach leadership, teamwork skills, and a lifelong environmental and civic engagement mindset in Hawaii’s youth to build a more sustainable future for Hawaii, the nonprofit also has generated more than $80 million in economic impact for the state through conservation work, volunteer service hours, scholarships and career opportunities.

To kick off its Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps summer program each year, Kupu holds a fair, sponsored by A&B and other community partners, to celebrate Hawaii’s environmental champions and showcase environmental education, career and partnership opportunities throughout the state.

“Through our programs and collective efforts, we are nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards and community leaders, instilling a heart for service, understanding of hard work and passion for creating greater change in the world around them,” said Kupu CEO John Leong.