On Saturday, October 20, 2018, Alexander & Baldwin employees set up a booth at Be Ready Manoa’s “Urban Survival Fair” at the Manoa District Park gymnasium. This event is held once every few years, and the last event in 2014 drew in over 2,000 attendees. A&B’s Kokua Giving program gave a $3,500 grant to underwrite all of the morning refreshments and lunch for the 200 event vendors and volunteers.

A&B/Manoa Marketplace’s booth was also focused on giving to the community. A&B employees invited attendees to “vote” for their favorite Manoa district schools (Manoa Elementary, Noelani Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Stevenson Middle, and Roosevelt High). Everyone who walked by the booth was given a ticket, which they could place into one of five jars labeled with the schools’ names. One hundred tickets would trigger a $250 grant to the school for safety and disaster preparedness programs, and the school with the most votes would get a $500 grant.

The Be Ready Manoa leadership and Manoa community members were deeply grateful for the opportunity to support the safety programs of their local schools. Overall, A&B staff spoke with hundreds of community members at the fair. Over 460 people placed their tickets in the jars to vote for the different schools. Manoa Elementary School came in first place, and will be receiving a $500 cash grant. However, all four remaining schools will still receive a $250 cash grant, even if they did not receive one hundred votes. The overall goal was to engage the community and to support the local schools in Manoa, and this activity gave community members the opportunity to offer their input to direct A&B grant support. Congratulations to Be Ready Manoa for such a well-attended and successful “Urban Survival Fair”!