Despite the turbulent times, the owners of Donut King Hawaii forged ahead and opened their latest donut store at Alexander & Baldwin’s Kailua Shopping Center, where they have been warmly welcomed by customers.

Donut King Open for Business at Kailua Shopping Center

Originally published in The Star-Advertiser

Donut King, a family-owned business, opened its doors at Kailua Shopping Center at 6 a.m. today to a line of customers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The shop, which occupies the space formerly occupied by Grylt at the center, is the second location for Donut King, which has a location at Market City Shopping Center in Kaimuki.

Family member Sophy Son said she was “very happy” that the store was able to open this morning after receiving clearance from a virtual inspection by the Hawaii Department of Health. The lease for the space had been signed before the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders began, according to property owner Alexander & Baldwin.

The donuts are hand-prepared and cut every morning, and popular hits, including the maple bacon donuts, were available, along with sprinkled donuts, glazed twists and croissants.

Kaipolani Fake of Kailua saw that the shop was open on her way back from a walk on the beach, and decided to pick some up on the way home.

She agreed that donuts were essential.

“Absolutely, especially for Kailua,” she said. “I miss having fresh donuts in Kailua. We got our workout in already, and donuts make people happy.”

She said she missed Agnes’ Portuguese Bake Shop, which closed in 2018 after nearly 50 years in business, as well as Craig’s Bakery which was open decades ago.

Emalia Cobb-Adams of Kailua stood in line, as well, after hearing through friends that it was opening.

“I’m excited to try it,” said Cobbadams. “The last one I really remember was Agnes’ and then Craig’s before that, We need a good mom-and-pop shop.”

The Kailua Donut King shop will be open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily for the time being. Visit or follow @donutkinghawaii on Instagram and Facebook for updates.