Alexander & Baldwin is proud to be a member of the Hawaii Sustainability Business Forum (SBF), a group of businesses that are working together to shape a sustainable future for Hawaiʻi.  The SBF is committed to a triple-bottom-line approach (economy, environment, community) and to advance the goals of the Aloha+ Challenge.

One example of the actions being taken by the SBF is the Kona Hema project.  A&B is one of the subgroups within the SBF that is partnering with The Nature Conservancy Hawaiʻi to invest in Hawaiʻi’s first carbon offset project. Carbon offsets are a market-based mechanism that creates a revenue stream to support investment in Hawaiʻi’s natural resources. A number of landowners are considering or developing carbon offset projects in Hawaiʻi and are looking to this project for a price signal (8,000 acre forest improvement project, anticipated 120,000 ACR certified credits available for sale in 2020).

In addition, the SBF has instituted the “Green Your Business Initiative” — a set of actions for SBF members to lead by example on the holistic set of Aloha+ Challenge Goals. As the first step, 11 SBF members are now tracking energy use and efficiency savings of selected corporate buildings enrolled in Hawaiʻi Energyʻs CEI (Continuous Energy Improvement) Program on the Aloha+ Challenge Dashboard, an open-data platform for transparency and accountability.